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Teardrop Baskets

Teardrop Baskets

Hanging or standing teardrop-shaped basket handmade using 3mm braided cord.


Your Teardrop is equally happy hanging from a doorhandle or hook or sitting on a windowsill or anywhere else!


Available in 3 sizes: Small - £20, Medium - £25, Large - £30


Handmade using 3mm braided cotton cord.

  • Dimensions

    Small: 22cm height, 17cm at widest point

    Medium: 27cm height, 20cm at widest point

    Large: 28cm height, 21 cm at widest point

    Measurements are approximate.

    This item will be folded flat for shipping and just needs to be pulled back into shape on arrival

    All items are handmade from recycled yarn so sizes given are approximate.

  • Materials

     100% recycled cotton

PriceFrom £20.00
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