Bits & Bobs Trays

Bits & Bobs Trays

Throw your bits and/or bobs into these handy little trays perfect for him, her or you!


Available in 2 sizes: Bits - £10, Bobs - £8


Handmade using 3mm recycled cotton braided cord.


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  • Dimensions

    Dimensions are approximate:

    Bits: 15cms diameter, 4.5cms height

    Bobs: 13cms diameter, 3.5cms height

  • Materials

    100% recycled cotton

  • Colour Availability

    As the braided cotton cord I use is imported from a small factory in Poland, some of the more popular colours are prone to run out of stock - I will always notify you if this happens.

    In addition to the main colour palette I use, some colours are also available with a silver or gold thread running through them: Jeans & Misty have a silver thread and Blackberry, Natural and Wild Rose have gold. These come in limited supply batches so I have not added them to the main colour options but I will always offer them when available.

PriceFrom £8.00