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My story

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My name is Sarah and I’m a crafter. Since my teens I’ve dabbled with dressmaking, embroidery, cross stitch, lacemaking, knitting, tapestry and more recently weaving and macrame.
In 2015 I suffered a heart attack and started working from home. Without the long commute I found I had a load of extra free time and needed something to keep my hands busy. I continued to dabble with and enjoy various textile crafts, flitting from one to another with no particular focus.
In early 2019 I re-discovered my childhood interest in crochet and instantly became hooked! Using various videos, websites, books and magazines I made endless shawls and blankets but still the emotional connection was missing.
My “eureka” moment came when I discovered I could crochet with a chunky recycled cord that I’d previously used for macrame. I finally realised I’d found my niche, my new obsession and at last, my passion! 
I now focus on making decorative and useful items for the home using 100% recycled materials.

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